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The super popular crowdfunding site Kickstarter has been the launching pad for so many products, from new films to musical albums, to publishing, video gaming, arts, innovative tech, awesome games etc. etc. Out of the different types of crowdfunding, this one is a rewards-based one. So if you were looking to make your own card game, just make sure you have a nice rewarding plan for your future backers and let Kickstarter raise the money for it.  And of course an amazingly good game.

Many of those that came to life on this crowdfunding website are some of the top 10 card games ever. Definitely selections you’d find at your favorite gaming convention and a perfect addition to your gaming night. Ladies and gentlemen (and Protoss, Zergs, Orcs, White Walkers, and whatnot) here are the most successful card games on Kickstarter.


exploding-kittens-box-card-gameExploding Kittens (most backed Kickstarter ever)

By Elan Lee, Matthew Inman, and Shane Small
219,382 backers, $8,782,571 pledged of their $10,000 goal

The most funded card game on Kickstarter. From the minds behind The Oatmeal, this strategy game blew their humble goal out of the water. You’ve probably heard of this one: kittens and laser-based Russian Roulette in a deck of cards plus some taco-cats, boob wizards and above all real meowing. So when one thinks about a success story of raising capital for their indie game, Exploding Kittens is a case-study. Having been over eight thousand percent funded, they are also a perfect example of keeping a firm hand on your stretch goals, keeping them attainable while still super fun and desirable.
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joking-hazard-box-card-gameJoking Hazard

By Cyanide and Happiness
3,758 backers, $3,246,588 pledged of their $10,000 goal

Likewise Cards Against Humanity, this card game plays up the irreverent humor that it’s creators Cyanide and Happiness are famous for. With hundreds of horrible (or horribly funny) comic panels, you complete a three-panel comic, the funnier being the one that wins points. Much like the above, it’s stretch goals were not addition products that would slow down production and delivery, such as shirts or anything like that, but instead just more cards in the base game. Amusingly, their achievements were not money based and they ended over three thousand percent of their goal. Instead, they made their levels based on activities their fans would do on social media. Featured on Wall Street Journal here.
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Bears vs Babies

By Elan Lee and Matthew Inman
85,581 backers, $3,215,679 pledged of their $10,000 goal

Made by most of the same folks behind the crowdfunding Kickstarter campaign of Exploding Kittens, Bears vs Babies involves you putting monsters together to fight an army of horrific babies. With that same art style and humor fans of their first game and The Oatmeal would love it. Following the lead of other top games, they used their massive fan base to have stretch goals met, rather than financial ones. Above all, they did it in a really interesting way, having some of their achievements be people sending them proof that they voted in local elections.
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unstable-unicorns-box-card-gameUnstable Unicorns

By Ramy Badie
33,720 backers, $1,865,140 pledged of their $10,000 goal

Another most creative project, one of the funniest card games, this one is about building up a stable of magical unicorns while preventing your friends from doing the same. This crowdfunding campaign had recently completely fulfillment and is also available at your local game shop. Unlike the previous games on this list, they had a more usual campaign, having both achievement and money based goals. Many of their tiers included not just base game additions but expansion packs, game accessories, and also apparel.
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million-dollars-box-card-gameMillion Dollars, But… The Game

By Rooster Teeth
30,546 backers, $1,353,024 pledged of their $10,000 goal

Made by the people behind the popular YouTube channel and based on a series by the same name. A most noteworthy comedy card game involving judges deciding which situations they would not submit themselves to for a million dollars. In contrast with Cards Against Humanity or Apples to Apples style games, this one also involves players debating the results, convincing the judge which would be the actual worst situation. This global crowdfunding party game is almost unique in this space. Above all, it’s got probably the most incredibly appealing product design.
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epic-box-card-gameEpic Card Game

By Robert Dougherty and Darwin Kastle
11,858 backers, $585,122 pledged of their $50,000 goal

From the creators of Star Realms and Hall of Fame Magic: the Gathering players. This successfully funded high fantasy combat card game has all the fun of going to your local game store to draft a trading card game, without the high cost. Therefore this would be fun for players of trading card games and for those looking for a replayable card game. It is unlike others out there on the market.
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hero-realms-box-card-gameHero Realms Deckbuilding Game

By Robert Dougherty
6,997 backers, $555,661 pledged of their $100,000 goal

Another Kickstarter-born game made by the designers behind Star Realms, similar based, this fantasy-themed deck building game is highly versatile. It can be played as a group or one on one. And it comes with character and campaign expansion decks so that you can play as popular RPG classes or turn the game into a legacy style game where your choices matter.
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dresden-files-box-card-gameThe Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game

By Eric B. Vogel, Fred Hicks, and Evil Hat Games
8,616 backers, $549,486 pledged of their $48,000 goal

Based on the New York Times bestselling urban fantasy series by Jim Butcher. Also, using elements from Evil Hat Games’ FATE roleplaying game system. This cooperative board game allows fans of the series to play as characters from the books and play through scenarios from the first five books, or shorter ones from the short story collect set in the series as well. Fans of the series, as well as their other FATE offerings, would love it. Certainly, this beautiful art game is perfect for a group who is less concerned with winning at board games rather than enjoying the experience.
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organ-attack-box-card-gameOrgan ATTACK!

By The Awkward Yeti
12,798 backers, $526,274 pledged of their $12,000 goal

Followers of their massively popular webcomics would know the fun adventures of these anthropomorphized human organs. Similarly, in this Kickstarter card game, which is somewhat based in science, each player has a group of organs that you try to attack with various illnesses. Hence the goal is to destroy your opponents‘ organs before they do the same to you. Not their real ones, mind you!
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