It’s #QuiverTIME to be a #QuiverHERO

A couple of decades ago, I remember being a young kid playing soccer in a rural village with a $5 beach ball. We were all young kids, imagining to be David Beckham, Zinedine Zidane or Ronaldo, the old one. We were hitting the ball with style. In our imagination, like superstars, but that cheap ball just wouldn’t listen. Unfortunately, that was all that we could afford. Until one day, when the ball broke and we were only left with our imagination.

I remember just a few days later, a complete stranger coming with an official leather football and just giving it away for us to play. For a bunch of young lads, he was like a superhero saving the day. We never saw him afterwards, but I think not one of us will ever forget his gesture or his face. He looked a happy man. The kind of happiness that you get from bringing happiness to others, which is the best kind.

20 years later, together with two of my good childhood friends, we have built Quiver Time. Our goal was to create tabletop accessories of the highest quality and build a community of passionate people. However, we didn’t stop there. A community shouldn’t just concentrate on itself, but should also spread its passion and love towards the rest of the world. So, we included a CSR program as part of the Quiver Time project.

With the help of the Quiver Time community and by partnering with passionate people from the industry and other organizations like GlobalGiving, PencilsofPromise or Extra-life, we managed to offer thousands of dollars in the past 3 years. Your help contributed to:

  • offering Christmas gifts to children from an orphanage in Romania
  • buying books for schoolgirls at an Afghan School
  • building a school in Guatemala
  • or offering card games to children in hospitals in Portland, New York or St. Louis.

We’ve made hundreds of children smile. And this was all possible because of YOU.

Yeah, that’s right! Take a look at your Quiver case. It contributed $1 towards bringing a smile to one child.

Every time we run a campaign we feel like that guy offering a brand new football to a bunch of young dreaming kids. We feel enriched and it is the happiest emotion one can have.

You don’t believe us? Well, now you can try it yourself. We think that it’s just about #quivertime to make you experience how we feel with each Quiver Time CSR campaign.

Today we are launching the #QuiverHERO contest.
We are offering a $1,000 sponsorship on Extra-Life as part of our next CSR campaign and YOU could decide where that money goes.
You will be able to choose where to spread the love and make some kids happy.

All you have to do is:

  1. Post a photo on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram of you and others that you love together with your Quiver case.
  2. Add some loving words followed by the “It’s #QuiverTime to be a #QuiverHERO”.
  3. Sit back and we’ll contact you if you’ve won.

The contest runs until the 18th of December and is subject to the Quiver Time Contest Regulation.

Hint: the more people are carrying their Quivers on their back, the higher your chances of winning!

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