When we bring games to children, of course, they repay us with smiles; but we also have the satisfaction to know that we help them grow stronger, with a sharpen mind, an expanded imagination, and fine motor skills.

We always look to contribute in projects that have a high added value. Sometimes we might chose to offer support for buying books or building a school, all with the same final purpose of creating better opportunities for children, to improve their chances for a better education and empower them to build a better future for themselves.

Below, you can see photos from every charity event that we organized. Just click the titles to open the gallery.

Adirondacon 2018

Queensbury, NY, USA ~ September 15-16, 2018

On September 15th – 16th, 2018 Adirondacon hosted their second annual event, which saw over 180 people attending and was hosted at The Party Palace in the Aviation Mall on Saturday and Sunday.

The Bernard & Millie Duker Children’s Hospital at Albany Medical Center is the only state-of-the-art facility that provides comprehensive care for children in northeastern New York and western New England.   

We have donated $1,000 to the hospital and board games and toys that will bring joy to the young ones.

Fundraiser:  Adirondacon through Extra-Life
Beneficiary: The Bernard & Millie Duker Children’s Hospital at Albany Medical Center
Sponsor: Quiver Time SRL
Donation: $1,235
Children Impacted: 500+

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2018 Chits & Bits Fundraising

Southern Maine, USA ~ April 29, 2018

On April 28th – 29th, 2018 Chits & Bits hosted their fifth annual 24-hour board game marathon, partnered with Extra Life to support The Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital, the local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. This was their fourth year on a mission to help sick and injured kids of the local community. The Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital treats thousands of children each year, regardless of their illness, injury or even their family’s ability to pay. These kids are facing scary stuff like cancer, cystic fibrosis, and injuries they may get from just being a kid. Because the Quiver Time community is dedicated towards contributing to the well-being of young children, we decided to make a contribution to Chits & Bits board game marathon.

We have donated $1,000 to the hospital and board games and toys that will bring joy to the young ones.

Fundraiser: The Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital
Sponsor: Quiver Time SRL
Donation: $1,600
Children Impacted: 500+

All photos and information belong to Chits & Bits and are published with owner’s consent.

School building project – Lewis Howes with Pencilsofpromise

Aldea Morazan, Guatemala ~ March 24, 2017

We think that just like playing keeps a young spirit alive and dreaming no matter your age, education empowers children to follow their dreams and turn them into reality when they grow up. Thanks to our CSR Policy, the entire Quiver community makes a contribution towards providing children with a better future. This time we chose Lewis Howes’ project for our next donation. He has decided to celebrate his 34th year birthday by raising educational support for kids in places that won’t get it otherwise. With the help of Pencils of Promise, we are honoured to be given the opportunity of being a part of Lewis’s latest effort of raising funds for building a new school which will impact 2011 children in Aldea Morazan, Guatemala.

Thank you Lewis for being a hero to so many children out there.

Fundraiser: Lewis Howes
Crowdfunding organisation: Pencils of Promise
Sponsor: Quiver Time SRL
Donation: $2,000
Students impacted: 2,011
Project total value: $35,000

The school was inaugurated in February 2018.
Click here to find out more about the project.

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Books for Afghan Girls School

North of Afganistan ~ June 30, 2016

After our first successful campaign, this time, we decided to fund this great project set up by Sahar Education from Seattle. Literacy in Afghanistan is 38%, while women literacy doesn’t reach 25%. Since our CSR policy is targeted towards youth education, this project will improve the lives of girls from a rural North of Afghanistan village school, by enabling them to grow into their potential. 250 books on math, science and reading will give them a chance to a better life.

Project Owner: Sahar Education
Crowdfunding organisation: Global Giving
Sponsor: Quiver Time SRL

Click here to find out more about the project.

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Christmas Tabletop Games Giveaway

St. Stephen’s House Orphanage, Bucharest, Romania ~ December 6, 2015

On Sunday we decided to make an early Santa surprise visit to the children by offering them sweets, toys, and many great board and card games.

All the children, 14 girls and 8 boys have greeted us with smiles and giggles. We had fun teaching them some of the most amusing and educational games out there:  Hedbanz, Activity, Monopoly Junior Frozen, Scrabble Junior, Spuzzle, Chinese Checkers, Jenga, Dobble, Traffic education, Uno Ninja Turtles, Spider-man boardgame, World Travel, Mucca Pazza, Ghoost! and Ligretto Red Set.

We can’t wait to do this again. 🙂


Many kids today are affected by executive functioning issues. This means they have trouble organizing and acting on information. More broadly, they lack the skills they need to plan, organize, remember things, prioritize, pay attention and get started on tasks.

Child psychologists think that card and board games improve children’s executive skills. In fact, they encourage parents to play with their children at home, instead of watching TV or doing homework for long hours.

For example, chess has proven to be an effective teaching method for kids with learning disabilities. Study reveals that students who received 4 hours of math and 1 hour of chess instruction each week, instead of 5 hours of math, showed more improvement in basic math skills like counting and addition. Source:



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