Grateful Thanksgiving Day 2018 thank you Quiver Time

Grateful on Thanksgiving Day 2018 for…

Hello, grateful chaps!

Today, we’re celebrating Thanksgiving. Hence we take a break from all the busy-bee days we live nowadays and we just enjoy looking back to the year behind us and realize what we’re thankful for. And when I say enjoy I really mean it, as no matter how bad it might have been, there’s always a good side on everything. That half-filled glass. That brighter sun than it could have been.

Before I continue being grateful to literally EVERYTHING that surrounds me, I must sincerely say “Thank you” to whoever thought me to stay positive and smile no matter what. I don’t really know who did it, but I raise my glass of whiskey to you for you have helped me become who I am today.

Things in my life are improving every year. And it’s not just my opinion. But also my friends’ and my family’s who continue to congratulate me for who I am turning up to be in time.

Still, I will never take things for granted and will always find the time to meditate and to say my thanks to all the people around me and to everything my life threw my way so far.


I am grateful for being alive first and foremost. For the reason that I am living in the best times in human history. The world is not perfect, I know, but we are closer to that now more than ever. I am positive it will get even better.


I am grateful for where I live. The place, the country, the culture. It has given me so many opportunities, so many connections and life teachings that helped me understand what life is.


I am extremely grateful to LOVE. Be that a sense, a god, a word, whatever. My love for those around me has grown in the past year so much that I feel as a new person completely. And it’s an amazing feeling to love.


With that in mind, I am grateful to my wife, Roxana, for appearing in my life. For connecting with me on so many levels with such precision that I now understand my past “bad luck” in my romantic life. Because it was all for a reason. To meet her someday.  I feel I am one of the luckiest people alive for knowing what deep love is. We’re happily married just recently and already she’s with child. I am a complete smile every time I think about becoming a father. It hits me every day more and more. Man, I love my life right now! 🙂


Furthermore, I’m grateful for being in very good health.


I’m grateful for my great and amazing and loving family. My mom, my dad, and my brother. We are unbreakable together.


I am grateful for having such awesome friends. John and Romeo especially, my two best buddies ever since childhood that are now my business associates keep throwing life lessons and good advice my way with every word they speak. Thank you guys, for making room for me in your life. And also for the numerous other friends that make my existence so much enjoyable and pleasant with their warmth, kindness, and support. I raise my class to all of you!


My gratefulness also goes to all the people I met in my life, no matter how long our connection lasted or not for each and one of them has thought me a story or a lesson that allowed me to flow so beautifully through life to the point I am today.


Finally, I am grateful to the tabletop games community all around the world for keeping this great passion we all have alive. For all the games out there, the pop-culture, the conventions, the cosplays, the battles, the collectibles, the competitions, the publishers, the designers, the players, the bloggers, the influencers of this world, the FLGSs. Yeah, I’m a nerd. You got me! 🙂


Therefore I am grateful for all the geeks out there. We will rule the world someday! 🙂


With all that being said, I can’t wait to embrace what my future has in store for me.

And also stuff my face with all the goods my wife has cooked for us this evening. Time for family now. Love you all!

Happy Quiver Time,