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Orion Playmat Holder - A Star is Born

Orion Playmat Holder – A star is born

Orion’s Genesis

The purpose of Orion’s emergence?

Obviously because King Hyrieus needed a son and heir and therefore Zeus, Poseidon and Hermes, the great influencers of the time, all urinated on a bull-hide and buried it in the earth. Because this is undoubtedly the most common way you get a son heir born.

Now, the least obvious explanation for why Orion Playmat Holder needed to come to life is to serve the Quiver Time community. Ever since the Quiver case’s emergence, which has been deemed by so many people as a paragon of the cards carrying solution, we have only heard one complaint. One single fault that, if solved, would meet perfection: “A solution for carrying also a mat”. Now, we’ve thought long and hard about ways to incorporate a playmat holding solution in the arsenal and the good news is, we finally built it. This is not the ordinary playmat holder / tubes , that you find on the market. It’s unique design, high quality materials and great versatility and compatibility with the Quiver case, make it the best solution for holding your play mat, whatever the occasion.

How is a star really born?

Stars are born within the clouds of dust and scattered throughout most galaxies, like the Orion Nebula. Turbulence deep within these clouds gives rise to knots with sufficient mass that the gas and dust can begin to collapse under its own gravitational attraction.

Of course, that is how the Orion Playmat Holder was born. But only if it was that easy…

So how was the Orion Playmat Holder forged?

Building a new product takes long hours of work and sweat, countless designs, emails, continuous research, sometimes compromises to functionality, but, at least in our case, never a compromise in quality. We believe we have reached an excellent balance in design and functionality, while keeping the high standard in quality that has become synonymous with Quiver Time products.

While we don’t want to sound too apologetic for taking so long to build this product, we want to share with you some of the experience. We first came up with the idea of a foldable product (completely pressed and very small packaged) that can restore it’s shape without any creases and deformities, while also being water-resistant. So we turned our minds towards materials like neoprene, elastic textile or any special leather that can withstand a lot of force, pressure or water drops and vapors. Unfortunately the samples we made were unsatisfactory. They either weren’t as stylish, classy and professional as we always want our products to be, they leaked or they simply couldn’t handle the pressure and were easily getting damaged upon heavy usage or shock. After going through dozens of different materials and samples, we finally came across an innovative material with Voltage processing technology that managed to thick all of the points.

One other major challenge was to find a way to attach the Orion tube to the Quiver case or Bolt card case, making it perfectly compatible, as a carrying solution. This was a major requirement in order to meet the high expectations of the Quiver Time community. We knew we couldn’t place the tube inside our cases, without affecting design or quality, so we had to find a way to carry them on the outside and still be compatible to the cards cases. Our design team scrambled a little but we pulled it off nicely when we came up with the idea of the carabiners on the back of the Orion which could attach to the card cases straps. Thanks to this smart idea, a lot of options are opened for carrying the Orion, adding significant versatility, for any taste. One can now carry the Orion on their belly, back, shoulder, wrist or by the side of the waist. And besides, they help prevent the tube ever rolling down off a table or any other surface it’s placed upon.

Other components, like the carabiners on the back of the tube also gave us a lot of work. We needed something that was sturdy and practical. We tested a lot of different options. Some were too big, others too small, some too flimsy, others too bulky, not resistant or too expensive, too unaesthetic, hard to use, etc. But after a long process of trial and error, we eventually reached the final result.

Finally, as we always look at ideas and ways to add versatility and more solutions to a product, we added one final touch. The dice pocket was a last minute add-on which we’re sure will make many happy.

No more story telling?

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What makes Orion Playmat Holder special?

While there are many playmat holders, tubes and the like on the market, the Orion stands out next to nothing that is currently available for purchase.


The Orion Playmat Holder comes with a very stylish design, built from a soft but resistant material and having many innovating features. The cap is opened with a nice rounded zipper, also water resistant, and comes with a small, removable dice pocket. A see through window allows you to showcase your favorite playmat design, while ensuring the mat is protected from the outside world. Strong and high quality carabiners allows for attachment to either a standalone shoulder strap or to a Quiver or Bolt Case, allowing for multiple variations.


The Orion Playmat tube, with its durable outer layer and water resistant built, offers excellent protection of any and all of its contents.

Optimal fit

At 15.35″ (39 cm) long and 2.16″ (5.49 cm) across, the tube is large enough to accommodate almost any standard playmat, no matter if we are talking about a 14″ (35cm) or a 15″ (38cm) playmat.


As a Quiver Time product, the Orion needed to come with some extra versatility. It features a see through window, an extra dice pocket, a shoulder strap and many new ways of holding it. One can carry the Orion on their belly, back, shoulder, wrist or by the side of the waist.


Whether you are just holding your playmat at home, taking it to your local game night or to a tournament, the Orion has got your back. Literally. It can be worn on the back as the famous Quiver or Bolt cases. It can be attached to the front, even on the shoulder strap of a Quiver case or Bolt case, making it fully compatible.

To sum up, the newly released Orion Playmat tube, is the perfect new addition to your gaming gear arsenal and is now available for sale by Quiver Time.

You can now confidently and proudly take your favorite playmat with you and be prepared for the next card games battle.

Once you’ve tried it, give Orion a big shout out by leaving a review on Amazon!

Happy Quiver Time!