Apollo Card Sleeves – Brought Straight from Apollo’s Quiver

Apollo Card Sleeves – Brought Straight from Apollo’s Quiver of Arrows

What do light, prophecy, music, poetry, arts, knowledge, order and beauty have all in common?

All of them have Apollo as the patron God. And all of these are present in the fantastic world of card games. Therefore, inspired by them, we have combined precision, transparency, smooth shuffling and protection, to create the brand new Apollo card sleeves.

We’ve found a few more resemblances between the cards sleeves characteristics and Apollo’s figure, which we found inspiring for the Apollo Card Sleeves:


Apollo’s forename, Phoebus, means “bright” or “pure”, as Apollo is also the God of light and truth. Likewise, the Quiver Time Apollo card sleeves are ultra-transparent by allowing light to pass unhindered and letting your cards shine.


Apollo defended the oracle at Delphi against Hercules, who was angry at the priestess for having denied him a prophecy. So, if you can protect something from Hercules, Apollo’s card sleeves will surely have no problems in defending and protecting your precious cards from any intrusions.


I’m sure you’ve heard of the laurel wreath as the symbol of victory and honor. I’m not sure though if you knew that the laurel tree was actually Apollo’s tree. So, when participating in a card games pro tournament, don’t forget your Apollo card sleeves. While they might not guarantee victory, they will surely guarantee an honorable presence for your cards for any standard sized trading card game (66 x 91 mm).

Optimal fit

Apollo had many affairs with mortals and goddesses but when he met Hecuba, he instantly fell in love. She was the optimal fit for him, just as your cards won’t find a better fit than the Apollo card sleeves.


Python, a serpent which resembled a dragon, living at the center of the earth, was killed by Apollo at the shot of a single arrow. With the same kind of precision, your Apollo card sleeves will offer your cards a sharp look and feel. That is to say, you can draw your cards with the same precision as Apollo would draw his arrows.

Speaking of arrows, Apollo is famous for his archery skills. So, just as Apollo would carry his quiver of arrows on his back, always prepared for battle. You can equip yourself with the famous Quiver playing card case bulked up with packed cards cloaked in the dazzling new Apollo deck protector.

To sum up, the newly released max protection Apollo trading card sleeves, straight from Apollo’s Quiver of arrows are now available for sale by Quiver Time.

Equip your cards with the best transparent premium sleeves out there and be prepared for the next card games/board games battle.

Availability and Compatibility

The Apollo Card Sleeves are available on Amazon: US, UK, CA, DE, FR, IT, ES and are perfect for:

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Happy Quiver Time!

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