Once an order is placed and payment is received, Quiver Time SRL will ensure immediate dispatch of the products and delivery to your address in 7-10 days from the date when the order is placed.

If an order does not arrive within 10 days from the date of payment, please reach out to us, so that we can investigate the status of your order.

If your order is not delivered within 30 days from the date of payment, we will immediately provide a refund.



Once you receive your order, please inspect the received Products within 30 days after receipt of the delivery and inform us of any defects by sending an email to

Accompany your claim with photos or videos, so that it’s easier for us to understand the issue and suggest the best solution.

In some cases, we might ask you to return the product. You will need to follow our instructions for the return and, where there is a defective product, we will also cover the shipment fee.


If the Products are defective and/or do not conform with the product standards, we shall let you choose between one of the following options:

(a)      replace the Defective Products with new products as soon as possible without any additional costs to you, or

(b)      reimburse you with the equivalent of the Price paid for the Defective Products.

(c)      provide a giftcard with the value equivalent to the value of the Defective Products


If we asked you to return a product, we will either provide a refund or a replacement within 7-10 days from the date we receive your return.

Only damages that are a result of manufacturing or shipment process are covered by the product warranty.

Whenever damages are caused by the the clients’ storage or handling conditions, these don’t fall under the warranty cover.



Contact us at in case you have any issues with your order.

We strive to reply to all requests within 48 hours.