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Thanksgiving Day 2017

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Dear players,

After John’s letter last year, we decided to make it a tradition of sending our gratitude for thanksgiving day every year. Of course, it’s probably an impossbile task of topping John’s last year thank you letter, but here I go.

2017 was an up and down year. In less than a month from John’s last year Thanksgiving letter, at the annual Quiver team party, John asked his lovely girlfriend to be his wife. It was a wonderful moment which will forever stay with us. And that’s not the end of it. Exactly nine months from that, he was blessed with a son. He is now the father of two wonderful children. Our other team member, Korn, didn’t wait long and he also asked his girlfriend to marry him. You would think that leaves me out, but I’m a veteran, being happily married to my wonderful wife for 5 years now. I’m thankfull that Cupid has exhausted some of his arrows from his Quiver case to hit the hearts of two of my best friends and get them married to their beautiful girlfriends. So Thank You Cupid!

– THANK YOU Quiver community for being so nice to us. For your magnificent reviews on Amazon US and UK and your wonderful messages that we get every day in our mailbox. For sharing with us your ideas and opinions. You should know we have debates on every feedback we receive and we decide what to do next based on that. So, thank you for being the best customers any business would wish for.

– THANK YOU Pencilsofpromise and Globalgiving for offering us the possibility to contribute to society and empower children to change their lives and strive in a world in which they entered with a clear disadvantage. Thanks to you guys and our CSR policy which allows 1$ of every purchased Quiver case to be saved for donations, we have managed to offer books to a girls school in Afghanistan and contribute to Lewis Howes campaigns for school building in Ghana, Guatemala and Laos.

– THANK YOU to all the bloggers and professional reviewers who have often surprised us with their wonderful words and impressions. You have been fantastic ambassadors of our brand and helped other players reach us.

– THANK YOU to my great partners, John and Korn, who have always found unexhausted resources to help Quiver Time move forward and continuously improve.

– THANK YOU (last but not least) to my beautiful and patient wife who tolerates my enduring days of work and lack of time for which I hope to be able to make a mence in the future.

In 2017 we managed to launch the pack of dividers and separators that our customers were asking for quite a while now and we launched the Quiver case in teal and pink, something that I think made a lot of people happy. We made a lot of progress in learning more things about the tabletop community and we came up with a lot of brilliant ideas for improving the gaming experience. Our advancement with each of these different ideas has stalled just short of being launched. Looking at the bright side, many of them will become a reality in 2018. Thank you for supporting us and god bless you!

Happy Quiver Time,

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