Thanksgiving Day 2016

Dear players,
As you all know already, today is Thanksgiving Day and hearing everybody talking about it got me thinking. Do I have reasons to say Thank You? If yes, to whom? For what am I grateful in this moment?
Not many people know (not even some of my friends) that I decided to start the Quiver Time project together with two of my childhood friends while working for a multinational company, where I really have a busy schedule and a lot of responsibility (a wrong Enter and I’m in trouble). And by the way, I am still working there.
So my schedule was a busy one: work, work and work again, while trying to maintain my relationship and raising a 10 y.o. girl. You know what I am talking about. If you are not doing it yourself, you have for sure an acquaintance with the same kind of wonderful life.
In May I got sick and to be honest, it was the first time in my life I was scared of Grim Reaper. Because I was working every day until early in the morning, my body said .. NO MORE!!! And yes, the following months were probably the worst of my life (even I had my hard times along the way).
Even if I am not 100% recovered, I am on the right track: I can walk without a terrible headache and I feel better every day.
I feel so lucky and I am so grateful for so many things…
  • I have the women of my life & dreams close to me and I am raising a wonderful daughter I never dreamed at; THANK YOU for loving & supporting me every step of this journey!!
  • The company I work it helped me understand myself better than I ever thought I will; THANK YOU for my monthly paycheck and more important, for the knowledge I received in the past few years and the friendship received from my peers!!
  • I now have a personal coach who makes wonders and helps me discover the true me THANK YOU for patiently guiding in the process!!
  • I have two partners (Romeo & Korn) who are dedicated to our mission: to put a Quiver case on every player’s back; THANK YOU for your commitment and all the late nights spent in front of the computer so that we can provide the best possible customer care!!
  • I have found again the geek inside me and I feel great; THANK YOU to all the geek bloggers, YouTubers who had the courage to step out of the shell and share their gaming experience with us. You helped me realize how much I missed to be a geek!!
  • We had in the past year a continuous support from the tabletop community in general; THANK YOU to everyone who recommended our product to their friends and family, both live and on social media!!
  • I found out this year that product reviews are extremely important; THANK YOU to all our customers who decided to spend 1-2 minutes or maybe even half an hour to share their thoughts on their Quiver experience, both in US and UK!!
  • We had the opportunity to sponsor few gaming events, including GENCANT (for the second year now); THANK YOU Suzanne for organizing this convention for those of us who cannot attend GENCON!!
  • We are preparing for the 3rd charity action organized exclusively by us; THANK YOU again to our customers!!
But those mentioned above are only the big things. I can finally say I AM GRATEFUL for being able to see, walk, smell, taste, laugh, talk , imagine, having two legs, two arms and being ALIVE.
That being said, I want to ask you… what are you grateful for?
Happy Quiver Time,

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