The Buyer shall inspect the received Products within 30 days after receipt of the delivery and shall inform the Seller of any defects by emailing to If the Products are defective and/or do not conform with the product standards, the Seller shall, at the option of the Buyer:

(a)      replace the Defective Products with new products as soon as possible without any additional cost to the Buyer, or

(b)      reimburse the Buyer the Price paid for the Defective Products.


In all circumstances, the Buyer will have to submit photos and requested information of the damages claimed. Only damages that are a result of manufacturing or shipment to Buyer process are covered by the warranty. Whenever damages are caused by to the Buyer storage or handling conditions, these don’t fall under the warranty cover.


Shipping Damages:

We guarantee fully refund or reship items if the package lost or get damaged during the shipment. If you have a shipping damage claim, please contact Quiver Time immediately by emailing to