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Pretty PINK Makes a Comeback – #TeamPink

Quiver Time Pink Limited Edition

A couple of years ago we decided to go out with a limited edition of Pink Quiver Time cases. They were very well received and all sold like cupcakes.
We said it was limited so we kept our promise and haven’t produced any other Pink cases since.

The return of Pink

Now, since then, the Quiver Time community has repeatedly expressed the desire to see Pink again on the market.
We asked you to join the Wishlist, and, should there be enough interest, we’ll consider bringing the Quiver case in Pink back.

We’ve seen people join in droves and hundreds of messages on social media, asking us to bring back Pink .
So, while we had to keep our promise, we could also not disregard what the Quiver Time community was asking of u

Then we realized that Pink comes in many forms. There’s champagne Pink , Pink lace, Pale Pink , Baby Pink , Spanish Pink , Cameo Pink or Orchid Pink .
There’s even a color called Piggy Pink . The beautiful world of colors.

So while the previous Pink edition will remain limited, with its unique Pinkness, we brought the cases back in Pink , this time in a slightly new nuance.

Pre-orders of Pink

Yes, we happy to confirm that ALL Pink pre-orders have been processed and were delivered / are on their way to their new best friends!
We already have a few posts about it:

Pink Quiver case, Pink Bolt case, even a Pink Citadel

But, there’s more. Not only that we brought the Pink Quiver case back.
You can now also get the Bolt case or the Citadel in Pink.

Pretty sweet, ha?

4.9642857142857 out of 5
5 out of 5
4.8571428571429 out of 5

I say, if you like Pink and you like to get yourself another Quiver Time product, or if you simply want to buy a friend or your loved one a Pink present, this is probably a good time to get your hands on one.
You’d need to move fast though, as these Pink beauties will be selling like cupcakes.

If you live outside the US, please check our Amazon store for international shipping.

Happy Pink Quiver Time!