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We asked. You answered. We delivered.

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Hello there,


Since the release of the Quiver Carrying Case, we were requested to provide more colors numerous times. Two months ago, we asked our audience on two of our social media channels what color variation of the standard Black Quiver Card Case they prefer in the future.
You had two options:

  • Teal
  • Pink

You answered our question, showing community’s interest in these two colors, so we delivered both color variations.
Yes, they are now available on

You would think that’s the end of the story, but there’s more. For those of you who took the time to reply to our question, we prepared a surprise as a THANK YOU note for your support!
For the first 10 people who replied directly to our posts on any of the two platforms (⬇️ please find the posts below ⬇️) and followed/liked our page up to the moment of this post, we are offering you a 99% discount coupon code for the color you wished for. That means that for up to 20 Quivers you pay only 1% (and if you are an Amazon Prime member, the shipping is also free). There is one catch though – they must have replied by the time we announced this post and they should have followed/liked our page.


If you were not in the top 10 fastest to reply on each platform, you still get a 30% discount code on your Pink/Teal Quiver for sharing your thoughts with us!

And in case you were not fast enough but are following our pages, you can get yours until December 15th with a 15% discount code (within the stock available) if you:

  • Like / Follow our page
  • Reply to one of our posts and tag at least a friend in the reply.

By doing so you get a great discount, you help your friends to get theirs as well and you help us raise the awareness on the new products. Everybody wins!

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Twitter Post

The new colors are available ONLY in the US for now, but are eligible for export in Canada, the European Union, Australia and many other countries. Please check AmazonGlobal Export Countries for further details.
Only one redemption per customer is allowed.
The 99% off coupons were provided to the winners. In case you are entitled to a 30% or 15% off coupon please send us a DM / message with you reply and we will take care of the rest.

If you want to be announced about future special deals, please join the Quiver Time VIP Club.
We also suggest that you follow us on both channels to make sure you don’t miss future special events.

Happy Quiver Time,

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