About Us

At the beginning, we were just three school colleagues with a common passion. Soon after we met, board games and card games glued a friendship that still lasts, 20 years later. During an amicable but battleful marathon of card and board games, we came up with the idea of creating a practical and modern product, that will benefit the whole community of players.

The Quiver case satisfies even the most pretentious tastes. It can be carried around like an archer’s quiver, due to the comfortable back strap that actually inspired the name. Any player would feel pretty awesome to show up with the complete gaming gear when attending a tournament, and even when playing at home, with friends.

Today, Quiver creates innovative solutions for card/board game fans across the world, according to their needs. Our clients are provided with the best protection, complete storage, ease of transport and creative set-up for their card game library.

Our vision

The gaming world is our world, and every day we try to make it better. We know how a passionate card-gamer spends his free time, what difficulties he meets when traveling or attending tournaments, and what would make his experience better.

We plan to put a Quiver case on every player’s back.

All the people who are really passionate about playing card or board games need it. They just don’t know it yet.

Our values

We constantly think about what our customers wish for.

We combine utility and aesthetics to create the finest line of products for them.

We always act with honesty and consideration towards their interests, while complying with all regulations and ethical standards.

People about Quiver

An elegant way to carry and store cards. The outer shell is sturdy and easy to clean since it's PU leather. The inside is lined with soft velvet to protect your cards. The Quiver dividers are very high quality sturdy plastic, but they're also pretty thick. I really can't say enough good things about this card case.

Lem Chen - Verified Purchase on Amazon

The premium edition of "The Bigger Blacker Box". This is probably the best case I have seen out there so far. It has a nice premium feel to it and it just feels extremely well build. I can't wait to see what Quivertime puts out in the future.

Steven - Verified Purchase on Amazon

This case is perfect for saving your investment in entertainment. I was not expecting the quality of the product to be so high.

LordoftheApes - Verified Purchase on Amazon

Prevents me from having to lug around a bulky cardboard box and lets me just sling it across my shoulder for easy transport! Now, I can comfortably transport multiple card games (and its components) all in one neat package!

Willie Hung - Verified Purchase on Amazon

I just got my 2nd Quiver to store the rest of my cards in and I look forward to buying a 3rd.

ty - Verified Purchase on Amazon

I bought this to play with, have with me at a tournament, have something that is sleek and compact, something that doesn't take much space. A carry case that is easy to handle, maneuver and store deckboxes, dice, tokens, etc. This fits everything I wanted.

Tyler - Verified Purchase on Amazon

The Quiver is able to hold multiple decks very easily and has not damaged any cards it has held even when tested.

mrwinter25 - Verified Purchase on Amazon

This product was the perfect solution for my small MTG cube. I am super happy with this product and it is a worth while purchase for any card game player who needs to regularly transport large amount of cards.

Jorge Lopez - Verified Purchase on Amazon

Phenomenal craftsmanship. I've been looking for something with this much quality and this functionality for a long time.

wedgeex - Verified Purchase on Amazon

Got this for my son who plays magic [the Gathering]. He loves it and says all of his friends comment on it.

James Turner - Verified Purchase on Amazon
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